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How Complete is the USPTO Patent Database?

There was an interesting discussion last week on the Intellogist blog about the number of allegedly missing patent documents in the USPTO’s PatFT database. Of course, this is an important question for anyone who uses the database, but especially for … Continue reading

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Google Hosts Bulk USPTO Patent Data

The USPTO and Google have entered a two-year agreement to allow Google to provide bulk patent and trademark data to the public, according to a USPTO press release dated June 2. The agreement requires Google to host the data at … Continue reading

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Reporting Data Errors in Patent Databases

Kudos to esp@cenet for providing an easy and convenient way for users to report data errors. Each record includes a link to an error reporting form; all you have to do is click and fill in a few lines. This … Continue reading

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Bird Airbags?

Last year a large wind farm went up on an island near Kingston, Ontario, where I live. The installation consists of 86 turbines scattered around the island, dozens of which are visible from the city’s waterfront. The decision to build … Continue reading

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Patent Database Review

There were a lot of developments in patent information last year. Below are some of the highlights from my favorite public patent databases and related websites. Canadian Patents Database (CIPO) The Canadian Patents Database, which is maintained by the Canadian … Continue reading

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PCT Coverage in Public Patent Databases

How the data in a database or search engine is structured is as important (or more so) as the data itself. I was reminded of this old rule-of-thumb a couple of weeks ago when I decided to compare coverage of … Continue reading

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Espacenet Enhancements

This morning I discovered several nice enhancements in esp@cenet: 1. Expanded search terms For years the maximum number of search terms you could input in any esp@cenet field was four. This limitation appears to have been lifted. I was able … Continue reading

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