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EPO patent filings up 3.1 percent in 2014

The EPO reports that patent filings were up 3.1 percent in 2014, to a record of nearly 275,000 applications. Approximately 65 percent of the filings originated from outside Europe with the U.S. accounting for 26 percent.

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IP5 Patent Statistics Report for 2013

The IP5 patent offices (China, Europe, Japan, Korea and the US) have released their annual patent statistics report for 2013. In 2013, more than 2.1 million patent applications were filed in the IP5 offices, an increase of 11 percent over … Continue reading

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China Leads US in Patent Applications

In 2011 China surpassed the US in patent application filings, according to data compiled by the World Intellectual Property Organization and reported in the Economist. The State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) received 526,412 applications … Continue reading

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Cooperative Patent Classification Available

The USPTO and EPO have released the new Cooperative Patent Classification system ahead of the January 1, 2013 implementation date. Details are available at the CPC website. Documentation includes the entire CPC scheme, an initial set of definitions and CPC … Continue reading

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USPTO satellite offices; European patent moves forward

Big patent news from Europe and the US: The USPTO is planning to open three new satellite offices in Dallas, Denver and Silicon Valley, bringing the total number of regional offices to four. The first USPTO satellite office will open … Continue reading

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Cooperative Patent Classification Project

The USPTO and EPO have launched a website for information about the Cooperative Patent Classification Project, which aims to create a shared patent classification system based on ECLA.

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PatentScope Adds EPO Collection

The EPO patent document backfile, which includes bibliographic data from 1978 through mid-2010 and full-text data from 1996 through mid-2010, is now available in PatentScope. With this addition, the WIPO’s patent search system has 7.7 million patent documents from 21 regional … Continue reading

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One Classification to Rule Them All?

The USPTO and EPO have agreed to create a new Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) based on the IPC. You can read the press releases here and here. The new system will be based largely on ECLA, the European version of the … Continue reading

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New Esp@cenet Improvements

It’s October… the time of year when patent searchers wait and watch for news from esp@cenet. The EPO rolled out its latest esp@cenet improvements this week. The most impressive is a beta search function called SmartSearch. SmartSearch allows the user … Continue reading

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2008 World Patent Report

The WIPO recently released its 2008 World Patent Report, which contains all kinds of interesting statistics on patent activity worldwide. In 2006, a stunning 1.76 million new applications were filed worldwide, driven largely by filings in China, Korea and the … Continue reading

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