New Website Compares Patent Search Systems

Landon IP, a private firm specializing in patent and trademark searches and patent analytics, has launched Intellogist, a free website that aims to help patent searchers locate sources of patent information, evaluate public and commercial patent search systems and exchange best practices in prior art searching. This service will be useful to both novice and experienced patent searchers. The site is supported in part by advertising.

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5 Responses to New Website Compares Patent Search Systems

  1. I very interested in the style of any posts you read, so interesting

  2. Paesley says:

    Thanks for the pointer. I’m finding Intellogist to be very useful in my research on patent resources.

  3. 雅孝 says:

    I always appreciate your useful
    information! Thank You!

  4. Laura says:

    Hi Michael,

    The chemistry librarian workshop presentation pdf is giving a file corrupted message when I try to download it or open it.

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