U.S. Defensive Publications and Statutory Invention Registrations

The Defensive Publication Program allowed patent applicants to request publication of an abstract of their pending applications provided they waived their rights to a patent. The Defensive Publication Program was abolished in 1985 and the last defensive publication was published in 1988. Approximately 5,002 unexamined applications were published under the Defensive Publication Program during its twenty-year span.

Defensive publication numbers consist of three parts.

T 123 01

The prefix “T” indicates a technical disclosure. This is followed by a three digit number corresponding to the volume of the Official Gazette in which the defensive publication was included and a two or three digit document number.

The Statutory Invention Registration (SIR) Program was established in 1985 and abolished in 2013. Like the Defensive Publication Program, it allowed patent applicants to request publication of their pending applications provided that they waived their patent rights. Approximately 2,266 SIR documents were published from 1985 through 2014.

Table 1. Defensive Publication and SIR Numbers, 1968-2014

Year 1st SIR 1st Def. Pub.
2014 H2,288
2013 H2,274
2012 H2,266
2011 H2,251
2010 H2,234
2009 H2,228
2008 H2,208
2007 H2,177
2006 H2,137
2005 H2,113
2004 H2,093
2003 H2,057
2002 H2,008
2001 H1,930
2000 H1,826
1999 H1,766
1998 H1,701
1997 H1,623
1996 H1,512
1995 H1,389
1994 H1,270
1993 H1,124
1992 H1,007
1991 H863
1990 H720
1989 H563
1988 H396 T109,201
1987 H182 T107,801
1986 H7 T106,201
1985 H1 T105,001
1984 T103,801
1983 T102,601
1982 T101,401
1981 T100,201
1980 T990,001
1979 T978,001
1978 T966,001
1977 T954,001
1976 T942,001
1975 T930,001
1974 T918,001
1973 T906,001
1972 T894,001
1971 T882,001
1970 T870,001
1969 T858,001
1968 T856,001

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