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China Leads US in Patent Applications

In 2011 China surpassed the US in patent application filings, according to data compiled by the World Intellectual Property Organization and reported in the Economist. The State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) received 526,412 applications … Continue reading

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Earthquake-proof Buildings

The 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan on March 11 is a massive natural disaster and human tragedy, but it could have been much worse. News reports have credited Japan`s strict building codes with saving countless lives. Thanks to Japanese engineering, … Continue reading

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New ECLA Codes for Green Technologies

The European Patent Office has created a new classification scheme for green technologies and applications related to the mitigation of climate change. The new category, identified as Y02 in the ECLA classification, has two main subclasses: * Y02C – CAPTURE, … Continue reading

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US Assignment Data in INPADOC

The EPO recently announced that US assignment data will be updated weekly instead of bimonthly in the INPADOC legal status database, which also means that it will be available via esp@cenet. The data will be captured from the USPTO’s assignment … Continue reading

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Reporting Data Errors in Patent Databases

Kudos to esp@cenet for providing an easy and convenient way for users to report data errors. Each record includes a link to an error reporting form; all you have to do is click and fill in a few lines. This … Continue reading

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Retrospective Kind Codes in Espacenet

The other day a colleague asked me why an “A” appeared at the end of older US patent numbers in espacenet records. I immediately answered that it’s a document kind code: “A” is used for the first publication, “B” for … Continue reading

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PCT Coverage in Public Patent Databases

How the data in a database or search engine is structured is as important (or more so) as the data itself. I was reminded of this old rule-of-thumb a couple of weeks ago when I decided to compare coverage of … Continue reading

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