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PatentScope Adds German and Eurasian Patent Org. Collections

As of December 3, 2014 German full-text patent documents (published applications and patents) published from 1987 forward are now available in PatentScope. In addition, German utility models from 1999 forward are also available. Approximately 4.5 million older full-text documents were … Continue reading

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PatentScope Adds Canadian National Collection

An early Christmas present from the WIPO: PatentScopenow includes the Canadian national collection from ~1920 forward. No PDFs yet, it appears, but full text (based on OCR) is available for some patents. A few pre-1970s patents have IPC codes, so … Continue reading

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PatentScope Has JP Data

Japanese patent documents are now available in PatentScope. The JP national collection is the 29th added to the system and includes more than 3 million records from January 2004 through July 2012. New data will be added weekly. JP documents … Continue reading

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PatentScope Improvements

The latest improvements to PatentScope include faster query response time, new and enhanced Boolean operators, improved search term highlighting and query tree displays. The operator NEAR can now be used with other Boolean operators and a new operator, BEFORE, can … Continue reading

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PatentScope Adds PCT Licensing Information

PatentScope now includes licensing information for PCT applications. PCT applicants who wish to make their applications available for licensing may request so by filing the appropriate forms. (See the December 2011 PCT Newsletter.) As of March 19, only a handful … Continue reading

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PatentScope Adds Russian/Soviet Patents

PatentScope now includes records for Russian and Soviet patent documents from 1919 to 2010, about 1.4 million patent documents. Full-text is not include, but abstracts are available from 1960 forward.

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PatentScope Adds Kenyan Patents

The national patent collection of Kenya (KE) is now available in PatentScope. Bibliographic records for about 323 patent documents published from May 1996 to Jan. 2011 are included. Full-text documents are not available at this time.

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Patentscope 1.0 Retires on Oct. 13

WIPO will phase out its PatentScope “Classic” search system on Oct. 13, 2011. All searches will be directed to the new PatentScope, which was introduced in 2009. WIPO launched the original PatentScope in 2003.

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PatentScope Mobile

PatentScope now offers a mobile search interface. As far as I know, this is the first patent office database optimized for mobile devices. Also read that WIPO is planning to add “the bulk” of patent data from the IP5 patent … Continue reading

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PatentScope Adds EPO Collection

The EPO patent document backfile, which includes bibliographic data from 1978¬†through mid-2010 and full-text data from 1996 through mid-2010, is now available in PatentScope. With this addition, the WIPO’s patent search system has 7.7 million patent documents from 21 regional … Continue reading

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