Lobster Lure Saves Money

A Nova Scotian inventor has designed a device that will allow lobster fisherman to leave their traps in the water for longer periods of time, thus reducing the number of trips they have to make to check them. The device is a container that releases bait after a biodegradable fuse breaks down. It`s not clear if the inventor has filed a patent application, but a Canadian trademark for the name BAIT SAVOUR was registered in 2010.

The catching and eating of lobsters (and other crustaceans) has inspired thousands of patented inventions over the decades. An early version of the classic lobster pot, seen in thousands of souvenir shops throughout New England and the Canadian Maritimes, was patented by Joseph Steward of Boston in 1887. (US363858). Alexandre Cormier of Montreal patented an improved version in the 1920s. (US1607443)

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