Hockey Players Protect Their Noggins

A group of Canadian businessmen have launched a new product that they claim will protect hockey players from concussions.The Noggin is a form-fitting skull cap kitted out with gel pads intended to be worn under a regulation hockey helmet. Medical experts are skeptical about the product`s claims, however. According to the CIPO`s Canadian Trademark Database, an application for the mark Noggin was filed on April 10, 2012.

Over the years inventors have filed hundreds of patent applications for inventions designed to protect the heads of athletes from blows. More than 1,700 patent documents are classified in IPC A63B71/10, which covers protectors for the head. Designs include shock absorbing headbands and protective golf hats. One of the earliest designs is an 1895 patent (US532567) for a head protector for football players.

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