Google Patents Update

Google Patents now includes US published applications and patents through at least the end of 2007. Google engineers have added a filter to the advanced search form that allows you to retrieve only issued patents or applications. However, there are still numerous problems with the search engine. For example, it is not possible to retrieve published applications by number. And classification searching is very problematic. A search on USPC 903/906 retrieved only 5 hits in Google but 417 hits in the USPTO databases. A search for inventor name “Mihal Lazaridis” retrieved 62 patents (with the “issued patents” filter on) and 81 published applications (with the “applications” filter on) for a total of 143 documents; the same search with not filter retrieved only 137 documents.

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2 Responses to Google Patents Update

  1. Tim says:

    I notice that google’s math often doesn’t add up when it comes to search in general. I play around a lot with syntax, and quite often if you take two searches and add them together the results don’t match. It doesn’t stop google search from being a great tool, but don’t only fave faith in it to a point. javascript:void(0)Publish Your Comment

  2. Raj says:

    Hi All,

    Another website called to do patent related research. It helps you to networj with Inventors/Attorneys too.

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