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USPTO to Remove Inventor’s Mailing Address from Patent Docs

The USPTO will no longer include the inventor’s mailing address on unassigned patents and published applications because of privacy concerns. However, correspondence information will continue to be available in Public PAIR. Patent documents will only display the city and state … Continue reading

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Canadian Inventor/Designer Robert Dickie

The Globe and Mail‘s business magazine has an interesting profile of Canadian inventor and industrial designer Robert G. Dickie. (“The Business of Brainstorms“, April 29) Dickie’s firm, Spark Innovations, is responsible for designing dozens of products ranging from electric toothbrushes … Continue reading

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Patented Gas Mask Bra Wins Ig Nobel Award

Dr. Elena Bodnar of Chicago has received an Ig Nobel Award for her design of a bra that converts into a pair of gas masks. Dr. Bodnar was granted US patent 7,255,627 B2 on Aug. 14, 2007.

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Inventor of Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed, 1916-2009

The inventor of the Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed, John Houghtaling, died last week at the age of 92. Houghtaling patented his invention in 1962 (US 3,035,572), and founded Magic Fingers, Inc. to commercialize it. His company installed millions of units … Continue reading

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Inventor of TASER stun gun dies at age 88

Jack (John) Cover, inventor of the TASER stun gun used by thousands of police departments worldwide, has died at the age of 88. According to his obituary in the Washington Post, Cover, a former NASA scientist, invented the nonlethal device … Continue reading

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Top Inventor Receives 577 US Patents in 2008

The other rather surprising statistic in the Boliven Patents Top 25 Report for 2008 was number of patents secured by the top-ranked inventor, Kia Silverbrook, founder of Silverbrook Research, a private R&D firm based in Sydney, Australia that specializes in … Continue reading

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PatentScope Suppresses Inventor Address Data

WIPO has announced that due to privacy concerns it will remove address data for inventors and individual applicants from its PatentScope database. The data will not be indexed or displayed in Internet search engines. This will not affect PatentScope searches … Continue reading

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Snow Bike Hits Slopes

Skiers and snowboarders may see something different on the slopes this winter… Two entrepreneurs from Vancouver Island hope to launch the next winter sports craze with their snow bike, a winter version of a mountain bike. Called the Ktrak, the … Continue reading

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Father of Modern Denistry – G. V. Black

Whenever I go to the dentist, I’m amazed at the number of specialty instruments and gadgets used to clean and repair teeth. Many of these are patented. According to the USPTO website, 19,194 patents issued since 1790 are classified in … Continue reading

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Advice for High-Tech Independent Inventors

As a patent librarian, it’s easy to become too comfortable with the stereotype of the independent inventor as someone who tinkers with simple inventions, such as toys and garden tools. After all, many people who seek our help are students … Continue reading

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