Class 705 Reorganized

The USPTO has abolished subclass 14 in Class 705 and replaced it with three dozen subclasses, 14.1 through 14.73. The changes are contained in Classification Order #1888, which was published on Sept. 1, 2009. Established in 1997, Class 705 covers patents relating to Data Processing: Financial, Business Practice, Management or Cost/Price Determination. It is one of the classes covering so-called business method inventions. According to the USPTO database, approximately 20,552 patents, the vast majority issued since 1976, are classified in Class 705. More than twice that number, roughly 54,206, of published applications are also classified in Class 705.

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6 Responses to Class 705 Reorganized

  1. tostien says:

    Wow… I didn't know there was anyone tracking the classification system! Class 705 … and pretty much anything in the 700s is all so similar. At least they are together… ever look at how many classes there are for textiles, numbered all over the place?

    Michael Feigin, Esq.

  2. olive says:

    I stumbled into your sitebecause I'm trying to understand a canadian patent. If the patent info leaves the issued area blank is the patent in force?

    Allen olson

  3. Allen,

    If the “Issued” field is blank then the document in question is a published patent application. Published applications are not patents and do not convey any legal rights. Most countries, including Canada, publish applications 18 months after the filing date.

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