Youngest Patent Holder?

The current issue of WIPO Magazine features a story about a boy who may be the world’s youngest patent holder. Samuel Thomas Houghton of Buxton, UK was only three years old when he had an idea for an improved broom. His father, a patent attorney, applied for a GB patent, which was granted on April 2, 2008 (GB2438091).

It’s impossible to know for sure if little Sammy is the world’s youngest inventor since the inventor’s age is not usually stated in patent applications. But I can think of at least one other very young patent holder from Minnesota. Steven Olson of St. Paul, MN, also the son of a patent attorney, was granted a patent in 2002 for a new “method of swinging on a swing” (US6368227). I believe that little Stevie was only 4 or 5 when his father applied for his patent. His patent is often cited by critics of the USPTO as an example of a low quality patent that should never have been issued. It does look like a vanity project, given that it’s hard to imagine how one would go about commercializing such an invention. I guess it’s no surprise that he let it expire in 2006.

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  1. Epone says:

    Hi Mr. White,
    Please see the information below, Julian Pavone is the The World's Youngest Inventor!”

    4-Year Old Julian Pavone, 'The World's Youngest Drummer', Now Also The World's Youngest Inventor!

    BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., April 14 /PRNewswire/ — Julian Pavone, who at 20-months-old began to
    make worldwide headlines as a drummer, is now also the world's youngest inventor at age 4!
    Julian's attorney, Robert Kelly, from the prestigious metropolitan Detroit law firm, Dickinson Wright
    PLLC, filed the application and received the patent for Julian's “Abracadabra” Stain Cover-Up. It can be
    used to cover clothing stains and touch up chipped paint on musical instruments and other items.
    Bernadino Pavone, Julian's father, explained how his son came up with the ideas: “Julian accidentally
    made a mark on my T-shirt. He felt bad and wanted to 'fix it.' He used liquid paper to cover the mark
    and then waved his hand, saying 'Abracadabra.' Next, he designed the container to look like a bass
    drum and an applicator to look like a drumstick. Then he wanted to make different colors to fix
    Joe Davis, founder of Michigan-based Chelexa Design and Engineering LLC, is heading up the design
    and engineering of the invention. Julian is also working with the Sherwin-Williams company for
    guidance on color and technical issues in developing the system.
    Julian is no stranger to the spotlight, having appeared on more than 100 television and news shows,
    including “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “Good Morning America”, “Martha Stewart”, “Inside Edition”,
    “Good Company”, “Japan TV”, “The Maury Show”, “FOX News Dayside”, “MSNBC, WGN, and starred
    in a Korean Documentary. He plays a 22-piece custom drum set with 17 cymbals and has received
    worldwide media coverage with more than 7000 newspaper and magazine articles written about him.
    He has also inspired a clothing line, a series of children's books, and the formation of Harmonie Network, a national entertainment company. He is currently working on his sophomore CD with fourtime
    Grammy Award winning producer, Michael J. Powell and attends University Liggett School (Class
    of 2022)Julian continues to be quite busy, recently participating in the first worldwide online talent contest for
    kids – The Golden Ribby Awards, created by WonderWorld Entertainment LLC, producer of the awardwinning
    children's television series “Ribert & Robert's WonderWorld.” The awards are a quarterly
    opportunity for talented kids across the country to showcase their gifts in music, comedy, dance, art,
    science, sports, and more.
    Julian also finds time to give back to his community and was named Muscular Dystrophy Association's
    2009 Michigan Honorary Goodwill Ambassador. He will perform at association events and will donate
    proceeds from his new fruit bar “Go Baby” to support this worthwhile cause.
    While Julian's “Abracadabra” magically covers unwanted mistakes, he continues to make marks on this
    world that won't soon disappear.
    For more information about:
    Julian, visit
    Dickinson Wright, visit
    Chelexa, visit
    Sherwin Williams, visit
    Harmonie Network, visit
    University Liggett School, visit
    The Golden Ribby Awards, visit
    Muscular Dystrophy Association, visit

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