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Frisbee False Marking Case

Interesting article in the WSJ about a false patent marking case involving Wham-O, maker of frisbees. The company is the latest defendant in a string of lawsuits against firms accused of marking their products with patent numbers that are long … Continue reading

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Patent # 8,000,000 in 2011?

The USPTO is fast approaching another milestone… Patent number 8,000,000 might be less than a year away. The highest numbered utility patent (as of Oct. 19, 2010) is 7,818,816. At the current rate of about 60,000 patents per quarter, the … Continue reading

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Chinese Patent Number System

According to a note on the EPO’s Asian Patent Helpdesk, the Chinese patent office has adopted a new numbering scheme for published applications and issued patents. Prior to April 2010, applications and patents were published with different numbers. The new … Continue reading

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Ghost of Patents Past

Have you ever noticed old patent numbers printed on new products? I own a pie dough blender that I bought new about 15 years ago. Etched on its blade are three US patent numbers, 1486255, 1645052 and 1724356. A quick … Continue reading

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New Series Codes for Utility/Plant and Provisional Applications

According to the USPTO website, there are new series codes for utility/plant and provisional application serial numbers. The new codes are “12” for utility/plant applications and “61” for provisional applications. The first applications of 2008 were 12/5,841 and 61/9,389, so … Continue reading

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Review: Japanese-English Chemical Dictionary

Japanese-English Chemical Dictionary: Including a Guide to Japanese Patents and Scientific Literature. Edited by Markus Gewehr. Wiley-VCH, 2007. 680 p. $230 ISBN 978-3527312931 My library just received a copy of this very impressive reference work. The bulk of the book … Continue reading

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Baby Products, Patent Numbers and a Puzzle

My wife and I are going to be new parents any day now, so our house has been filling up with all kinds of cool baby-related products. (We’re having twins, so that means two of everything.) Of course, I can’t … Continue reading

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